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Cloé’s Psychic Club

Cloé Hedger

Welcome to Cloé’s Psychic Club

A Safe Spiritual Space

What is Cloé’s Psychic Club ?

Cloé’s psychic club is a safe virtual spiritual space. A place for people with an interest in messages from the universe, spiritual healing and the paranormal.

What does my membership give me?

A place to make new spiritually minded friends around the world. PLUS, chat in a relaxed environment with psychic medium Cloé Hedger and the new friends you meet in the club. Discounts to readings with Cloé and to her online new age shop. Plus topics and events.

Topics in the club

Card Of The Day
Daily weekday card pull for the collective.

Bedtime Card
Your weekday night time bedtime card for the collective.

Pick A Card
Here you will find the links to Cloé's psychic pick a card readings. These are timeless messages from the universe. Good for those of you who are not on YouTube or Facebook.

Timeless Psychic Tarot Message
Here you will find links to timeless psychic tarot messages. What do you need to hear today?

Psychic Tarot Reading Weekend Message
Here you will find the links to Cloé's weekend psychic tarot message for the collective good for those of you who are not on YouTube or Facebook.

Spirit Box Communication
Here you will find the links to Cloé's edited spirit box communication sessions.

The Haunted
Here you find links to Cloé's haunted series. Paranormal activity on film.

The Gallery
A place to share your paranormal pictures, from Orb's, Angels, Faeries, Ghosts, Nature Spirits and Sprites, faces in fires, candles and fact anywhere. Here we all get to exercise our psychic eye and share what we pick up on.

Healing Lounge
Here you will find relaxing music, guided meditations, sounds to aid sleep, anxiety and relaxation. Channelled poetry set to music and scenery.

Chitty Chatty
Here you can post all off topic stuff. Show the club anything you've been up to. Are you are crafter? Show us your creations. Maybe you took a picture of the most wonderful sunset while walking your dog. Post it here.

Here you will find links to products that Cloé uses and recommends plus more helpful stuff.

Behind The Scenes
Exclusive content only available to the club. Behind the scenes pictures and news on upcoming tarot decks and oracle card creations, art or jewellery by Cloé. Plus pictures that would normally go on instagram will now be placed here in the safety of the club.

Club Events

Weekly LIVE Psychic Tarot Readings Night
Every Thursday at 8pm GMT there will be a LIVE psychic tarot reading night for members only via a private YouTube link.

Distant Healing Night
The last Monday of every month 7pm GMT there will be a LIVE distant healing session for 30 minutes. Members are invited to join Cloé in sending out healing light as a collective. Place here all names of who you would like distant healing sent out to. The healing list & live link are refreshed monthly.

Yearly Club Meet Up
Depending on feedback and interest the club may create a yearly ball or meet up for members to meet in reality.

How much does it cost?

This is a monthly subscription of $9.99 in £s its approx £7.50 that equates to £1.80 a week or 25p per day

You can cancel your subscription at anytime.

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